Does anybody remember… abundance?

Does anybody remember laughter?This article has moved. Link to the relocated post

While performing “Stairway to Heaven” Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant asks the question: “Does anybody remember laughter?”  In considering today’s Cautious New World (a.k.a. the new normal), I offer a new question: “Does anybody remember abundance?”  In our world of commerce “we’re buying a stairway to scarcity”.  Read more >>


Are you a Leader, a Tour Guide or a Warden?

Attempting to lead vacationers and prisoners is always an uphill battle

In working with teams, committee members and staffs, we find various levels of commitment and engagement to the task at hand.  I’ve discovered a simple tool for “Engagement Detection” that has served to enhance my awareness of others’ attitudes toward our achievement.  Might it work for you?

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